USGS Stream Data

Kenai Rvr @ CooperLndg

  • Water Temp: 32.54 ° F
  • Flow: 490 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 5.13 ft

Middle Kenai @ Skilak

  • Flow: 1040 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 6.42 ft

Talkeetna Rvr

  • Water Temp: 32.18 ° F
  • Water Level: 5.32 ft

Situk Rvr

  • Water Temp: 32 ° F
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Hook Removal Video

From our friends at Southern Culture On the Fly – Safe Hook Removal. Not a pleasant thought but invaluable when it happens to you or your friend.

These folks also provide another exceptional internet based magazine. Take a look here.