USGS Stream Data

Kenai Rvr @ CooperLndg

  • Water Temp: 44.24 ° F
  • Flow: 7020 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 10.91 ft

Middle Kenai @ Skilak

  • Flow: 9440 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 10.15 ft

Talkeetna Rvr

  • Water Temp: 49.82 ° F
  • Flow: 10100 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 6.46 ft

Situk Rvr

  • Water Temp: 54.5 ° F
  • Flow: 143 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 65.40 ft
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Indie Alaska and Pudge Kleinkauf

Indie Alaska is one of the production arms of Alaska Public Media and they do a great series of short videos about people who help make Alaska the unique place that it is (Real Alaska, not Reality Alaska as portrayed on the cable channels…)

This episode is about one of the pillars of our fly fishing community – Pudge Kleinkauf. Check it out. You’ll like it…


New Catch Magazine available!

One of our favorite e-magazines – Catch Magazine  – has a new issue available online!  Some of the best Fly Fishing, photography, and videos available! Worth every penny of the subscription cost!

Catch Magazine Issue #33From the album: Timeline Photos
This is a BIG issue. Really, really packed with great photography and video. Get it here!!!!

Photo by Pasi Visakivi



Fly fishermen? Obsessed? Tell me it isn’t so!

Well, I guess we are. To one degree or another we all get that way. Here’s a trailer for a new film by Mountain Made Media that you may enjoy that talks about this very problem. His obsession is big Brown Trout but that can be extrapolated to whatever YOU fish for. Feed the Obsession!

Obsession Trailer – Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout in Oregon from Mountain Made Media on Vimeo.



Another trailer from this year’s upcoming F3T –

Tributaries Fly Fishing Film Trailer #1
from RC Cone Plus 6 days ago All Audiences

AVAILABLE NOW – – Starting at $4.

Fly fishing is a powerful current that unifies an even stronger worldwide community.

Tributaries is a journey to uncover the commonality among different cultures, people and water. It explores the contrasting experiences of three diverse guides — a Bahamian flats-drifter, a Patagonian trout bum and a Viking-blooded Icelander.

Watch three characters’ stories merge into one: a tribute to the world’s water.

Tributaries Fly Fishing Film Trailer #1 from RC Cone on Vimeo.



2013 is History But 2014 is looking up!

Well, 2013 is now part of the history books. Many changes happened during the year – some good, some not so good. You usually don’t know for sure until you’ve lived with them for a while. Our trip to Florida was a case in point. The fishing was memorable but not because we were having a great time hooking and landing redfish (why we went) but because we SAW a ton of redfish – all running away from us. You’d think you could easily see 1000 fish right in front of you in 18″ of water, right? Trust me – it isn’t nearly as easy as it looks! But we caught sea trout and that was cool. Them suckers got some serious dentiture!

And there was opening week on the Kenai in June. Lots of floating, less catching. Of anything. Best fishing of THAT trip was over spawners right behind the campground! Gave me a chance to try out my new Hevi-Beads. And man did they work!?! Looking forward to more action with them!

Then the July trip up North and the killer hike to an undisclosed stream the size of Campbell Creek that made up for everything that had happened all year! Small water, big fish, and gorgeous scenery. Best day on the water in years! (Yes, we’re planning another trip there this year, and No, you can’t come along. Sorry. But everyone has to have their own personal slice of heaven. This one is ours.)

Other not so memorable excursions happened, but they were… not so memorable…


On to 2014! First and most important New Year’s Revolution is to Go Fishing More! That’s the mantra for the year. You can’t find those great places without getting out there and looking for them.

Number 2 Revolution is to get in better shape to support Number 1. A great place you die accessing is – by definition – not so great a place…

And that’s the enchilada for the year. There are others you don’t need to know about but the results from those two will show up on this blog from time to time throughout the year. Onward and Upward!


Streamer Season: Sasquatch is a Fly Fisherman

Weird, But we LIKE it!


Jack’s Knot – A simple Tippet to Hook Strong Knot

A simple to tie strong knot for tippet to hook eye connections. Try it! You’ll Like iT!


Jack’s Knot – line to hook knot used primarily to tie tippet to a hook for fishing. from Jonathan Palmer on Vimeo.


Sculpin Tube Tie

Bruce Berry of Pro Tube Fly Systems demonstrates how to tie really cool sculpin pattern on a Pro Tube Micro Tube.

Posted on YouTube by Caddis Fly Shop


My Links for my presentation to the Alaska Fly Fishers at the January General Meeting on 9 January 2012

I’m doing a presentation for the Alaska Fly Fishers at their January 2012 meeting on “Virtual Fly Fishing”. So rather than hand out pieces of paper with tons of links that folks can mis-type and get frustrated over – I’ve compiled my list into a page here:

This is not by any means a complete list of all the sites I frequent – and you’ll notice that there are a lot not there. I didn’t include many of the manufacturers, just ones I’ve been to recently. The blogs and info pages may be some of the most useful. I also included some just weird links – everyone needs to know the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition for instance. And who doesn’t think Cats in Sinks are worth spending some time on?

The other category I didn’t get really wound up on is YouTube although you should go spend a lot of time there. Whatever you want to know about from Spey Casting to rod building to watching some bozo get chomped on by a shark because he was holding it where it could get hold of him. It’s all on there and more. For some really bizarre stuff try searching on “Weird Fishing” or “Unusual Fly Fishing”. But be warned – don’t go here unless you have some time to spend. The thread will take you away for a l-o-o-o-n-n-g-g-g walk if you let it…

Enjoy and let me know if you find something that you think others might like!