USGS Stream Data

Kenai Rvr @ CooperLndg

  • Water Temp: 36.32 ° F
  • Flow: 1960 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 7.76 ft

Middle Kenai @ Skilak

  • Flow: 1080 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 6.60 ft

Talkeetna Rvr

  • Water Temp: 32.18 ° F
  • Water Level: 4.43 ft

Situk Rvr

  • Water Temp: 34.88 ° F
  • Flow: 97.9 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 65.01 ft
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Youtube Fishing Music

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Ben Winship & David Thompson wrote this piece for their album Fishing Music II. It’s a great album with a pretty wide range of music. This one is hilarious! Give it a listen and head over to their store at to buy a copy of this one and their first – Fishing Music. Very good stuff!


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